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John Chandler (Treasurer)

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JOHN CHANDLER MA (Cantab), PhD (Brunel), ASCA, FCybS, MBACFI, worked from 1988 to 1995 as a consultant in the field of strategic change, providing advice on strategic planning and organisation to a wide spectrum of businesses, and has undertaken a number of consulting roles involving restructuring and the development of strategic, operational and financial plans for such businesses. He has latterly been involved as a Volunteer Adviser with British Executive Services, working with organisations in Eastern Europe.

He has advised in sectors as diverse as UK and US insurance and banking, the international oil industry, French publishing, Romanian agricultural services, Croatian metalworking, Scottish business education and specialist plastics world-wide. Some of these sectors have also involved extensive work with venture capitalists and other potential investors.

During the course of his career, following qualification as a barrister, he practised in Malaysia, and was then, successively, company secretary/legal adviser to the Fine Fare Group and to International Publishing Corporation. In both organisations he was responsible for major sectors of administration and in the latter, played a key role in the restructuring of the corporation during its massive expansion, leading a major acquisition and disposals programme in the UK, North America and continental Europe. He became an Associate of the Institute of Company Accountants and a member of the Bar Association for Commerce, Finance and Industry.

He was then appointed managing director of IPC's New Enterprises Division, assessing, setting up, managing and developing new businesses. Following the Reed International take-over of IPC in 1970, he became Administrative Director of IPC which included management of central services and R&D and responsibility for strategic and business planning as well as continuing to supervise the legal and secretarial functions.

In 1975, he was appointed Director of Planning of Reed International plc where he played a pivotal role in the restructuring and refocusing of Reed which was, at that time, a multinational conglomerate. This included negotiating and managing specific deals such as the disposal of Reed's interests in Australasia, of Mirror Group Newspapers (initially preparing it for flotation), of Reed Building Products, of Sandersons Fabrics, of Crown Paints and others.

He headed the Committee which vetted all major capital investment projects and developed the strategic thrust for the corporation as a whole. This strategy culminated with the final disposal of the paper and packaging interests in 1988, leaving Reed as a 'pure' and financially sound international publishing group. Finally, as a parting shot to Reed, he introduced Reed to Dutch publishers Elsevier, resulting ultimately in the merger of those two groups.

John Chandler has a PhD in Cybernetics from Brunel University and is a Fellow of the Cybernetics Society. He was appointed Professor Associate in the Department of Cybernetics of Brunel University 1979-1993 where his work was primarily concerned with the impact of planned change upon social structures (including commercial organisations), leading to his book "The Science of History" (Gordon & Breach 1984). He was an external examiner of doctoral candidates at Brunel and also external examiner in Hermeneutics for Sheffield Business School.

He has been concerned with management education generally for many years, having made frequent presentations at business schools (Henley, Cranfield, London, Dublin, etc) and at international symposia (in London, Brussels, Boston, etc). He has written two books on planning - "The Techniques of Scenario Planning" (with Paul Cockle, McGraw-Hill 1982)and "Practical Business Planning" (McGraw-Hill / ICAEW 1987).

John Chandler