Calendar of Meetings

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26 January. An open discussion on Gordon Hyde's ideas led by Dr Alan Mayne.

16 February. "Design of Neural Networks." Professor T.J. Stonham, Brunel University.

30 March. "Science and Symbols." Harry Moore, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

27 Apri1. "The Brain and Consciousness - Problems of Modelling." Peter Hardwick, Power Distribution Engineer, London Electricity.

25 May. "Levels of Consciousness - A Buddhist View." Barbara Griffiths, Animatronics Producer.

29 June. "Specifying Management Policy for Distributed Systems." Professor Morris Sloman, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London.

30 July "Domains, Real and Imaginary." A.G. Booth CEng, Protolog Engineering Design.

18 September. ANNUAL CONFERENCE: "Aspects of Cybernetics".

26 October. "Healthcare - Future Vision." Steve Todd, Hewlett-Packard.

23 November. "Cybernetics and Large Systems." Dr Kevin Clifton, GEC Research.

7 December. "Consciousness - A Medical View." Dr Rached Daoud, Medical Researcher.

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