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27 January. Annual Wine and Cheese Party.

24 February. "Which Ontology?: A Constructive Look at the Deepest Foundations of Cybernetics - and of All our Thinking about what Things exist." Dr D J Stewart, Formerly Senior Lecturer in Cybernetics, Brunel University, UK.           Abstract

31 March. "Towards Artificial Life." Martin Smith, Head of Robotics, Department of Engineering, University of East London.

28 April. "Mechatronic Solutions in Automated Screw Fastenings."
Dr Lakmal Seriviratne,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, King's College, London.

26 May. "Communication in Plants and Animals." Harry Moore, formerly Visiting Lecturer in Cybernetics at Chelsea College (now King's College) University of London.

30 June. "Tension in Truth Claims: A Sociological Investigation into the Phenonemon of Out-of-Body Experiences." Raymond Johnson, Department of Sociology, University of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

followed by "The pRAM and its Applications." Professor T.G. Clarkson,
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, King's College,University of London.

24-28 August. FIFTEENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CYBERNETICS, Namur, Belgium. A delegation of members from the Cybernetic Society presented papers.


27 October. "The Design of a Robotics Controller." Marcello Cauchi-Savona, Department of Mechanical Engineering, King's College, University of London. Mr Cauchi-Savona is one of the two Cybernetics Society King's College Prize Winners for 1997-1998.

24 November. "A General Introduction to Memetics in Sociology."
Paul Marsden,
Department of Sociology, University of Sussex.

15 December. "The Cybernetics of Educational Systems." Dr Bernard Scott, Centre for Educational Technology and Development, De Montford University, Leicester.

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