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Reconciling Physics with Cybernetics

Tony Booth


This document seeks to reconcile certain types of differences of view which are often apparent between physicists and cyberneticians. To this end it proposes and discusses certain ways of making mental models. By way of an example,it charts the path for a demonstration of applying the method to the area of physics of low energy electromabnetic and electronic interactions.

With regard to making our own observations we are often naively inclined to an attitude in which we presume that "seeing is believing". The resulting formalism is what we call "objectivity". However certain inherent restraints regarding observations act to make this stance too simple as a model of any reality of which the observer must be a part.

First we may lay down some imperitives regarding observation:

a) Observation seen as a process fundamentally and essentially entails amplification.

b) Observational results and the observer self identity are only able to exist in thermodynamic terms.

These are bound to invoke models which entail conservation as a basis.

Next, regarding information, being the results of observation:

1) Information can only only be represented by thermodynamic parameters of segregated modal ensembles (including the single mode as a special case) and,
2) Information can only be amplified in its expression (propagated by plural obsrvers) by certain types of processes acting on thermodynamic ensembles.

Given the necesssay form of the observation (process) it is inherent that a quantal or a noisy appearance will arise in anature. This is in the nature of a theorem and needs proof.

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