Be it known that the WORLD ORGANISATION OF GENERAL SYSTEMS AND CYBERNETICS is hereby constituted by that name a body politic and corporate and style.


The purposes of the Organisation are:

1)      to function under the authority of its Executive Committee, Council and the assembly of the total membership.

2)      to promote and foster the international collaboration of all parties interested in General Systems and Cybernetics.

3)      to promote and co-ordinate international programs in the fields of General Systems and Cybernetics.

4)      to promote and strengthen the stature of the member societies by representing them at other world organisations.

5)      to review and endorse proposals of member societies directed toward international organisations.

6)      to promote and facilitate the development and utilization of an international information service, encompassing various activities of member societies as well as other events in the field of General Systems and Cybernetics and related fields.

7)      to co-operate with other appropriate bodies who represent the public interest in all matters related to General Systems and Cybernetics.

8)      to organise exhibitions of relevant equipment and material of interest in Cybernetics and Systems.

9)      to demonstrate the effectiveness of methods of General Systems and Cybernetics in all areas of modern technology, sciences, the social domain and management.

10)  to design and promote programs of educational nature devoted to the distribution of knowledge and information of General Systems and Cybernetics.


To have such general powers as confirmed by the appropriate international laws for similar organisations, a Council must be duly elected at each triennial Congress which will serve and carry out any lawful business in connection with the foregoing or which is calculated, directly or indirectly, to promote the interest of the Organisation.


The World Organisation for General Systems and Cybernetics shall be organised and operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes.


The W.O.G.S.C. is organised as a not-for-profit-body. No part of the net earnings or receipts shall inure to the benefit of any donor, member society or private individual. No substantial part of the activities of the Organisation shall consist of carrying on propaganda of any sort, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation. Nor shall any activity of the organisation consist of participation in or intervening in any political campaign, or on behalf of any candidate for public office.


In the event of dissolution, the assets of the Organisation shall be disposed of in such a way that they will continue to be used exclusively for scientific and educational purposes.


There shall be no individual liability against the member societies for debts of the Organisation, but the entire property of the Organisation shall be liable for the claims of creditors.


We the undersigned, Founders and now Council Members of the above-mentioned Organisation declare the foregoing the only legal instrument for the formation of the WORLD ORGANISATION OF GENERAL SYSTEMS AND CYBERNETICS.