The Eleventh Congress was held in Brunel University, Uxbridge (West London), Middlesex, United Kingdom, during 23-27 August 1999.

Copies of the 400-page Conference Proceedings, edited by R. Vallée and J. Rose, can be purchased from Professor John Rose, at the following address:

Prof. J. Rose, 5 Margate Road, St. Annes-on-Sea, Lancs. FY8 3EG, England

Telephone: (+44 or 0) 1253 725114

The cost is £50, payable by cheque made out to a bank with a branch in London.

Two papers that were accidentally omitted from the Proceedings can be downloaded from the personal page of the author, Vadim Stefanuk, of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Science, as:

Vadim Stefanuk personal page

One of the papers is: "Homeostatic Models in Artificial Intelligence" by D. Pospelov and V. Stefanuk, downloadable as a file called cyber3 under the heading: "Collective Behavior, Expediency, Local Organization and Multi-Agent Systems".

The other paper is "Dynamic Expert Systems" by V. Stefanuk and is downloadable as a file called dynamo2 under the heading: "Dynamic and Static Expert Systems".

The files cyber3 and dynamo2 are in PostScript format, and the means of displaying and printing their contents is not included in the usual software packages. The software necessary to open and view these files is associated with the term "ghostscript" and the necessary item called "GSview" can be downloaded, free of charge, from the following:

Ghostscript source

At the Congress another valuable website was mentioned by Allenna Leonard in her presentation on "Mixed Group Syntegrations", referring to developments in the use of Stafford Beer's Syntegrity procedure. A record of a particularly interesting Syntegration can be found at:


where the question was: "How can the UK build a viable and sustainable digital media economy over the next five years?" Two other useful sites quoted within this are:

International Data Corporation

The Emerging Digital Economy (US Government report)

A new and welcome feature of the Congress was the participation of the

UK Cybernetics Society

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