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AFSCET (Association Française de Science des Systèmes Cybernétiques, Cognitifs et Techniques)
AFSCET site also gives information on UES (Union Européenne de Systémique)
IIGSS (International Institute for General Systems Studies)
Principia Cybernetica Project (Free Univ. of Brussels)
American Society for Cybernetics
Web Dictionary of Cyb. & Systems
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies
Dept. of Cybernetics, Reading University
Intl. Assoc. for Cybernetics, Namur, Belgium (e-mail address)
IEEE Systems, Man & Cyb. Society
Cybernetics & Human Knowing (Journal)
Max-Planck-Institute for Biol. Cybernetics, Tübingen
Dortmund University (Fachbereich Informatik)
Dortmund University (Current Contents of CS Journals)
St Petersburg Central R&D Inst. Robotics & Tech. Cyb.
Sociocybernetics (Zaragoza, associated with Amsterdam)

Jnl. of Applied Systems Studies (JASS)
Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Moscow
UK Cybernetics Society
European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems

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