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Robotica (Journal - Cambridge Univ. Press)

Robotica is an official journal of the

International Federation of Robotics

with member bodies in more than 20 countries, including, in UK:

British Robot Association

and in USA:

Robotic Industries Association

The following list of robotics sites is based on one in the book "Science on the Web" by Edward J. Renehan Jr (Springer, New York, 1996) with minor corrections and elimination of a few sites that were not verified (November 1997).

The first site listed -- the Robotics Internet Resources Page from the University of Massachusetts -- is a valuable meta-site which provides links to robotics sites worldwide.

Robotics Internet Resources Page
Univ. of Amsterdam Robotics and Neural Computing Page
Cal Tech Robotics Home Page
Univ. of California - Berkeley Human Eng. Lab.
Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley Robotics & Intel. Machines Lab.
Cambridge Univ. Speech, Vision & Robotics Gp.
Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute
Carnegie-Mellon Vision Page
Cornell Univ. Robotics & Vision Lab.
Indiana Univ. Robotics Page
Johns Hopkins Robotics Lab.
Univ. of Manchester Robotics Lab.
McGill Univ. Center for Intel. Machines
New York Univ. Center for Adv. Technology
Oxford Univ. Robotics Res. Gp.
Stanford Dextrous Manipulation Lab.
Univ. of Surrey Mechanotronic Systems and Robotics Res. Gp.
Yale Vision & Robotics Gp.

Two sites in Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
M.I.T. Field & Space Robotics Laboratory

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